Bible Reading - #KNOWGOD

Developing a Gospel Habit and Taste for God's Word

At The Hills Church we believe that the primary means of Knowing God is through reading His Word. We believe that for each person to grow in knowing God and becoming more like Christ we must be people of the book. Hence, we encourage all members of The Hills Church body to regularly read God's Word. Below you will find helpful approaches for reading through the Bible and developing the gospel habit of Bible reading. And since we are a community of believers, we also believe you should not just read through the Bible alone, that reading and reflecting on God's Word together is essential to glorifying God through transformed lives. So as you read make sure you are gathering together with the body each week.

Read through the Bible in a Year

One of the great challenges and accomplishments as a follower of Christ is reading through the entire Bible. Mark Roberts at has developed a 5-day-a-week one-year reading plan. This reading plan has some nice features to it: 1) It's primarily chronologically based; this helps especially working through the Old Testament and New Testament history; 2) It's only 5 days per week! This gives you some flexibility each week to miss a day here or there for one reason or another.

Here are the direct link to the plans in English and Spanish that can be printed out:
One-Year Bible Reading Plan - English
One-Year Bible Reading Plan - Spanish

Reading through Proverbs each Month

Proverbs provides profound guidance on Living the Gospel. A good way to read through Proverbs regularly is to use a simple approach of reading one chapter of Proverbs a day that corresponds to the day of the month. So on the first day of the month, you read Proverbs 1; on the second day, you read Proverbs 2, and so on. This means you'll read the entire book of Proverbs (all 31 chapters) 7 times each year (and most of it the other 5 months; you over achievers can read the entire book each month of you'd like :-).

Reading through the Psalms each Month

The plan is simple, and you will find it easy to stay on track or to return to the course if you miss a few days,  You will read five Psalms a day.

Start with the calendar day and read that Psalm (for example, if today is July 8th, you would read Psalm 8).  Now, use your math skills and add thirty to it and continue adding thirty to the current Psalm you are reading until you have read a total of five Psalms.  (example:  8+30=38; 38+30=68; 68+30=98; 98+30=128).  Rules have exemptions and the exception is on the 29th.  On the 29th of each month, skip Psalm 119, with its one hundred and seventy-six verses.  Read Psalm 119 by itself on the 31st of each month.