Call to Prayer

A Call to Prayer for our Body and Pastoral Team

This past Sunday, July 4, the Pastoral Team (Pastors Dennis, Earl, Hank, Kevin, and Tom) called our body to pray each day from 12-12:30 PM.  We are calling our body to commit to 30 minutes of focused prayer each day through Sunday, July 18.

The call is to pray for clarity of vision and direction as well as unity among both the Pastoral Team and ultimately our body as a whole during our transition as Pastor Dennis looks to step away from his responsibilities as senior pastor.

We realize not everyone will be able to pray each day exactly from 12-12:30 PM. We ask that, if possible, you make an earnest effort to pray at that time. But if it is not possible, we ask that you commit to 30 minutes during a different time each day so that you can give a time of focused prayer for our transition.

For those able, we would ask that you seek the Spirit’s leading as to how you might also be able to fast from something during this time. While fasting is generally associated with food, fasting can be from other activities. The purpose of fasting is to use the time for prayer and communing with God rather than partaking of a particular activity. It is important that only those who are physically capable of fasting from food choose that activity.  For others it will be another activity.

So let us all commit to earnestly pray for our unity as a body and for our Pastoral Team in understanding God’s will. Let us pray for our love for one another to abound more and more in knowledge and discernment so that we may stand pure and blameless before our Lord on the day of His return and, thus, bring praise and glory to God.

In Christ,
The Pastoral Team
Pastors Dennis, Earl, Hank, Kevin, and Tom