Dads and Dudes
Fri, Apr 27-Sat, Apr 28, 2018
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What is Dads &Dudes?

Dads & Dudes is our annual "Father/Son" retreat. But it's more than just for Fathers and Sons. We like to have Fathers, Sons, Grandfathers, Uncles, and/or other significant men in a boys life to come. It is a great time to build relationships especially between Fathers and Sons but also with other men and boys. In this retreat we want our boys to see what it is like for men to interact with each other and with God.

When is it?

Fri, April 27-Sat, April 28, 2018
We leave from the church around 1 PM on Friday and get back to the church around 5 PM on Saturday.

Where is it?

Alto Frio Baptist Camp and Conference Center. Check out their website here.

Who can go?

As Dads and Dudes is a father-son retreat, we really like to have fathers and their sons come together. Of course, if Dad can't go we encourage another significant male role model in the boys life to come as their sponsor (or have everyone come together!). We recommend that the boys that come be 4 or older and comfortable sleeping in a dorm with other boys and men or in a tent with their dad. For boys that want to come but don't have a male role model/sponsor that can come with them, we will try to find a sponsor but we can't make any guarantees as the sponsors are volunteers. (Note: For those situations where we have an assigned sponsor (vs. a boy coming with his dad) parents must be comfortable with the sponsor assigned, background checks are done on all sponsors who are assigned to a child, and sponsors and the boys they are responsible for must stay in the dorm and cannot stay in a tent due to safety concerns.)

What do we do while were there?

The primary goal is for men to spend times with their boys, for dads to be dads, granddads to be granddads, and boys to be boys. We have a worship and teaching time on Friday night and Saturday morning that we intentionally keep under an hour each. The rest of the time left on Friday night and Saturday morning and afternoon is given to spending time with each other. We have a Friday night campfire where we make smores. We usually play basketball on Friday night to prove that the men can still beat the boys even if it means injury and days of pain. ;-) Saturday we have various activities available including swimming in the Frio river. (Note the word "frio" is Spanish for "cold," so make your own conclusions.) There are also canoes available, a gym, a softball field, and a river (to not only swim in but fish in).

The typical schedule on Friday is setting up tents or beds in the dorm, eating dinner, having worship, playing in the gym, making smores, and sleeping. Saturday is eating breakfast, having worship, having free time, eating lunch, having more free time, cleaning up, and leaving.

What do I need to bring (and not bring)?

Need to know what to bring and not bring? We've got a list and guidelines for you. Download the document here.
We also need a release form completed for each person going. For the boys, it has to be signed by a legal guardian. Download the release form here.

What's all this cost?

The cost is $40/person. But don't let the cost be a barrier to coming. The church can help with scholarships if needed. Checks should be made out to "The Hills Church." All payments need to be turned into the church office.

How do I sign up?

Fill out this registration form (click the link)

I have more questions.

Contact the church office or catch Tom Wilson if you have more questions.