DNOW2018 featuring Glowing Heart
No Retreat. Hold the Line. Push Forward.
1 Cor 16:13
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What is DNow (Disciple Now) anyway?

DNow (Disciple Now) is an in-town weekend spiritual retreat for youth. Youth are assigned to host homes by grades and gender where they spend Fri night – Sun morning in Bible study and fellowship, and there are activities at the church on Saturday.

When (is this shindig)?

​Friday, October 5 @ 6:00 PM – Sunday, October 7, 12:00 PM

Who (can go)?

​DNow is open to all middle school and high school students currently in 7th-12th grade.

How much (does this thing cost)?

​The cost is $40/student. (meals and t-shirt included!) You can pay in the church office. Pay via cash or check. Make checks payable to “The Hills Church” and mark on the memo line “DNow - <student name>”

Where (will it be held)?

​You’ll be staying in host homes based on your grade and gender. Activities will be held at host homes and at the church. (Transportation between the church and host homes is handled by the church.)

Who will be the host homes?

Host homes is where the Bible study and fellowship primarily occurs. Students spend Friday night and Saturday (including spending the night Friday night and Saturday night). Our host homes are families that are part of The Hills Church and Legacy Christian Academy.

Here are the current host homes. If group sizes grow beyond the capacity of the host home, others may be added. If there are any questions, please contact Tom Wilson.
Middle School Girls (7th-8th Grade): Jason and Angie Polanco
Middle School Boys (7th-8th Grade): Earl and Patti Quick
High School Girls (9th-12th Grade): Tom and Dionne Wilson
High School Boys (9th-10th Grade): Doak and Angie Stewart
High School Boys (11th-12th Grade): Gus and Denise Garza

What's the basic schedule like?

Fri @ 6:00 PM - Meet at the church in Fellowship Hall - Pizza served for Dinner
Fri @ 6:45 PM - Travel to Host Homes
Fri @ 7:00 PM and later - Bible Study and Fellowship in Host Homes; spend the night at Host Homes
Sat @ 8:00 AM - Breakfast at Host Homes
Sat @ 8:30-11:30 AM - Bible Study and Fellowship in Host Homes
Sat @ 11:45 AM - Lunch at the Church (Hamburgers)
Sat @ 12:30-2:00 PM - Recreation at the Church
Sat @ 2:30 - 5:00 PM - Bible Study and Fellowship at Host Homes
Sat @ 5:30 PM - Dinner at the Church (Tacos)
Sat @ 7:00 PM - Glowing Heart Concert at Church
Sat @ 9:00 PM - Return to Host Homes; spend the night at Host Homes
Sun @ 8:45 AM - Breakfast at the Church (Biscuits, gravy, jelly)
Sun @ 9:15 AM - Fellowship and Sharing Time at Church
Sun @ 10:45 AM - Worship Service led by Glowing Heart
​Sun @ 12:00 PM - Dnow is Done (Parents Pick up Kids at the Church)

Where do I sign up?

Click here to go to the registration page. If you'd like to print out the registration form and fill it out by hand, you can download it here.

What should I bring (and shouldn’t bring :-)?

First, bring yourself (and a friend, too, if possible) ready to have fun, engage in Bible study, and worship. You’ll need your Bible and something to write with. You’ll also need relaxed clothes for the weekend (shorts are a must), a sleeping bag, a pillow, and toiletries. Clothes for Sunday morning can be relaxed as well (e.g. blue jeans are fine). You can bring your cell phone, but don’t plan on using it; they are for emergency use only and so your parents can find you (not so you can text with your friends or surf the web). No video games, ereaders, or other electronic devices. And, of course, no knives, weapons, etc.

What about transportation?

​You’re parents will need to drop you off at the church (in the back by the gym) between 5:45-6:00 PM Friday evening (don’t show up earlier…we won’t be ready for you) and pick you up Sunday right after church (around 12 PM). During the weekend all transportation between the church and host homes will be provided by the church using either private vehicles or church vehicles.

I still have questions!

​The best way and quickest way to get a response is to send an email to Tom Wilson. You can also call the church office @ 210.674.5613. Be nice to Tracy! She’ll try to answer your question but may have to get an answer from Tom Wilson, which can take some time. :-)