Merger Info
Beginning in January 2013, God led Rainbow Hills Baptist Church and Hope Community Church together and molded them into one new church. The outcome is what you see today: The Hills Church. God was so faithful throughout the process and shaped the hearts and minds of both congregations to become one new church centered around His vision for our community.

For those who haven't attended in a while and might be surprised to learned of the church merger, we have posted some links below that show many of the decisions that were made during this process.

Please take the time to look around and get involved in the amazing things God has done and continues to do.

Affirmation Guidelines

Would you like to see the principles guiding the merger between these two churches? Click here for merger guidelines.

Affirmation Guidelines FAQ

We know everyone has questions.  An FAQ complies those questions most frequently asked.  We have compiled a list of the top questions heard during the discussion meetings leading up to the affirmation vote of Rainbow Hills Baptist Church.  Click here to see FAQ's.

Prayer Requests