Pastor Search
On Wed, Sep 22 and Wed, Sep 29 we met together as a church in Fellowship Hall and over Zoom to provide an update and answer questions regarding our path forward in our Pastor Search process. Below you will find our Next Steps, Transition Plan, and Envisioning Our Future.

Our Guiding Verse

"I appeal to you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment."  1 Cor 1:10 (ESV)


Continue to pray and seek God's will so that we may "be united in the same mind and the same judgment." (1 Cor 1:10, ESV)

Next Steps

Sun, Oct 10 - Update/presentation to the Church on the recommendations of our Transition Plan
Wed, Oct 13 - Church-wide meeting for feedback, discussion, and decision to proceed with our Transition Plan
Sun, Oct 24 - Church Action to determine moving forward with our Transition Plan

Transition Plan

  • Transition gradually from October through December to allow Pastor Dennis to step away from the responsibilities he currently carries. Pastor Tom will transition in to be the primary preaching pastor and provide daily pastoring and guidance in a bi-vocational role. Pastors Hank, Kevin, and Earl will take on additional pastoral responsibilities to help with the shepherding needs of the body.
  • Allow Pastor Dennis to take a sabbatical of 2-3 months starting in January to refresh in preparation for his continued ministry as part of The Hills Church. Pastor Dennis’ desire is to continue to shepherd in a reduced capacity primarily through counseling, discipling, and LCA leadership.
  • Expand our Deacon team to include 5+ deacons. Target date is to complete the nomination, examination, affirmation, and ordination process by the March 2022 timeframe.
  • Expand our Pastor-Elder Team to include 1-2 more elders over the next year. Part of this expansion will be developing an intentional mentoring program to develop elders.
  • Hire an additional staff member with the likely focus on Children and Youth. Target date is to complete this within the first half of 2022. The desire is to see the staff member embrace our body and become one of our elders as well.  
  • Engage the entire body in the work of the ministry to advance the gospel among our body, among our neighbors, and to the utter most parts of the earth.

Envisioning Our Future

Below is a list of items to try to capture what we as a body and as elders envision for our church moving forward. While the list is not exhaustive and in places it is aspirational, it helps us to paint a picture of what we seek to be and do as a church.
  • A vital and invigorated church (community of believers) that find their joy in God, love the body, seek out the lost, and advance the gospel in all aspects of our lives.
  • Strong involvement and attendance in the work of the ministry and participation in the life of the church across all age groups: Children, Youth, Young Adults, Singles, Married, Seasoned Veterans.
  • Ministries driven by and carried out by the body.
  • Fellowship groups that are focused on walking with Christ together and bring others in who do not embrace the gospel and know Christ. We invite believers and unbelievers into our fellowship groups so that they can experience what it is like to actively participate in the life of the body of Christ.
  • Weekly Worship gatherings where the body gathers around the word of God and the exaltation of God through prayer, singing, and preaching. We invite believers and unbelievers into worship with us so that they can see what it means to worship God and embrace the gospel.
  • Gospel-driven outreach ministries that evidence to our communities and our neighbors of our love for them and brings us into contact with unbelievers so that we have opportunity to share the gospel with those outside our body.
  • Short-term missions within Texas, the US, and in other countries, especially Honduras, where we establish long-term, meaningful relationships and ministries to carry the gospel and glorify God.
  • Healthy Growth through involving ourselves in the life of the body, the community, and our neighbors and through engaging our community and neighbors to be involved in the life of the church. Our call and commitment is faithfulness; our faith is in the work of God.
  • Committed and faithful practice of prayer throughout our body expressing our utter need and dependence on God to accomplish the work of the ministry.
  • Faithful caring of our body through our deacons’ service to meet the non-shepherding (non-teaching and non-counseling) needs of the body (e.g. physical needs of the body)
  • Faithful shepherding of the body by the Pastor-Elders through strong preaching, teaching, and counseling ministries.
  • Joyful financial support by the body of the church so that the body can accomplish together the work of the ministry.