The Hills Church : Glorifying God through Transformed Lives

COVID Guidelines

Updated - Mar 17, 2022

Guiding Principle: Love Others!

Our guiding principle  is to love  our neighbors by acting kindly and conscientiously towards others.

Greeting One Another

We know that with the current realities, it's hard to know exactly how to greet someone. We all want to be friendly, but sometimes it can be awkward. So here are a couple suggestions:
  • If you approach someone with a mask on, we'd encourage you to put a mask on while near them unless they indicated otherwise. 
  • Some people may not be comfortable shaking hands or hugging. That's ok! Offer a fist bump or a simple warm greeting and hello.

Face Masks

Face masks are optional.

Exercising Wisdom

For those with health conditions that may put you at greater risk, please carefully consider if you should attend in person. Remember: you can still join our worship service via the live stream, and join our Sunday morning prayer time at 8 AM via live stream on Facebook.


Please contact us at or call the office at (210) 674-5613.