1. Do you have Sunday School?
We have small group Bible study classes (we call Sunday Bible Fellowships) that meet at 9:15 am. There are classes for all ages. As you enter our middle parking lot you will see a smaller building on the left. There is a welcome center there where someone will be glad to help you find the classes for you and your family. Sunday School classes end at 10:30 am.

2. What time does Sunday morning worship start?
At 10:45 am, our morning worship service begins. The worship service is for all ages, and we have a nursery and children's ministry for your children. The nursery is in the smaller building where the guest center is located.

3. Do you have something for my kids?
Yes. We have age appropriate children's ministry for children from 6 months to 6th grade. Children can be checked into and out of children's ministry in the smaller building where the guest center is located. We currently utilize Children Desiring God curriculum. We recognize parents are their children's first discipler/teacher. We try to supplement what you do at home. We choose curiculum based on its Biblical soundness and ability to reach our children.

4. Wait. So you have children's ministry for both Sunday Bible Fellowships and for the worship service time?
Yes, we have Sunday Bible Fellowships for kids as well as an extended session. Some of our parents believe the best place for their children in service with them. They bring their children to Sunday Bible Fellowships and then take them to service with them. We want you to do what is best for your children as they grow in Christ.

5. Are there reserved seats?
The worship service is in the large buiding with the steeple on it. When you come in to the sanctuary, feel free to sit where ever you would like.

6. What should I wear?
There is no expected dress code at our services, some dress more formally, while most wear more casual clothes.

7. Will I have to raise my hand or talk or something?
Towards the beginning of our service and after a short prayer time, we have a time where we welcome our guests and greet each other. You will not be singled out as a guest and made to raise your hand or stand up. We want you to just relax and enjoy the service with us. We do have a guest card in the bulletin (that is the paper we hand out that tells what is happening during the service and also gives information on other things happening at the church). We would appreciate you filling out the guest card and placing it the offering plate later on during the service. Please put any prayer requests you might have or questions you have on the guest card.

8. What kind of music do you have during worship?
Our music is a blend of contemporary worship songs and older hymns. We strive to sing songs that will move our hearts, minds, and affections and will ultimately glorify Jesus Christ.

9. Do I have to give money?
We do take up an offering. The offering helps support all that we do as a church, but guests are certainly not expected to give an offering when they come.

10. Do I have to come forward at any point in the service?
At the end of the sermon(a message one of our pastors shares from the Bible), we have a short time of committment where we all stand and then sing or pray as we think about the message. If you have a question or feel God is trying to speak to you, you can come forward and talk to anyone on the pastoral team at that time. If that seems too uncomfortable, you can always talk to someone from the pastoral team at the end of the service. The person who delivers the sermon usually stands at the main door to greet people as they leave. You can ask him questions at that time, or make an apppointment to talk with him in more detail.

11. What time does service end?
We try to end our service by 12:15 pm. We want you to enjoy your Sunday discipling your children and spending your time as family.

Current Service Information during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, church services and small groups have had to make modifications.

Sunday School and other weekly small groups are not currently meeting.

Sunday Morning Worship Services have resumed but you are encouraged to RSVP with the church office and let us know you are joining us live for seating purposes.

You can join us online as well!!
We start online prayer at 9am and our Worship Service begins at 10:45am.

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