Lead Pastor Profile
Below you will find the Lead Pastor Profile developed by the Pastor Profile Team and reviewed by our Pastoral Team. This describes the man we are seeking to fill the Lead Pastor position.

Guiding Scriptures

Matt 18:15-17; John 12:15-19; Acts 20:28-35; 1 Thes 5:12-13; 1 Tim 3:1-7; 5:17-20; 2 Tim 4:1-5; Titus 1:5-9; Heb 13:17; Jam 5:14; 1 Pet 5:1-4

Convictions and Calling

The body of The Hills Church of San Antonio is a Southern Baptist congregation that is Christ-ruled, Elder-Led, Deacon-Served, and Congregation-Commissioned. We are seeking a Lead Pastor whose life is defined by His commitment to Christ, a call to joyously shepherd Christ’s flock, His church, and a heart for those who do not know Christ. We seek a leader whose shepherding is characterized by a deep love for the people of God, a compassionate heart towards the lost, and a tender patience and selfless humility in ministering to all. He should recognize both His own need as well as the need of others for Christ. He must be deeply committed to the inerrancy, inspiration, authority, and sufficiency of God’s Word for all matters of faith and godliness and be able to effectively teach the Word of God such that he is able to lead, feed, and protect the flock so that God is glorified through transformed lives.


As a congregation committed to the core proclamations of the Reformation, we seek a Lead Pastor who is committed to salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone for the glory of God alone based upon Scripture alone. And as a Southern Baptist congregation, we seek a Lead Pastor who is committed to the key distinctives of Southern Baptists as captured in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 (https://bfm.sbc.net/bfm2000/) including our notable commitments to the utter sinfulness of man, the supreme authority and utter sufficiency of Scripture, believer’s baptism, the memorial view of the Lord’s Supper, the eternal security of the believer in salvation, congregational authority, and the autonomy of the local church.

Church Membership

As a church committed to covenant membership, we seek a Lead Pastor who also is committed to covenant membership. (For a copy of our Membership Covenant, refer to http://thehillssa.org/covenant.htm.)

Christian Education

As a congregation strongly committed to Christian education, we seek a Lead Pastor who will support the mission of our school, Legacy Christian Academy, as one of the core ministries of The Hills Church. LCA seeks to offer a distinctly Christ-centered education grounded in a biblical worldview. The Lead Pastor will not serve as the chancellor or primary leader of the school but will play a key role in guiding and directing the school as a member of the Pastoral Team.


As a pastor, he should be approachable and highly relational. He should connect with and build strong relationships with both the body of The Hills Church and the community to which The Hills Church ministers. His heart for the body of Christ and the lost should extend to all ages: children, youth, and adults.
In his shepherding he should model the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ, in how he handles the flock, the local body of Christ. His rebuking and correcting should be defined by gentleness, by careful, considered counsel rather than rash responses or public shaming. The Lead Pastor should be given to gentleness and graciousness in how he handles conflict and confrontation especially when confronting sin preferring mercy to condemnation. He should be a peacemaker who follows biblical principles to seek to restore a person to a healthy walk with Christ and fellowship with the body when seeking to address sin in another’s life.


The Lead Pastor should have a heart for the lost that manifests itself as a genuine desire to connect and develop relationships within the local community and enthusiastically support local and foreign missions. He should lead the church by example and proclamation to be an appealing and welcoming church such that non-believers or disaffected believers feel welcomed to be part of the weekly worship. He should also lead the congregation to be excited about leading people to Christ and bringing them into the body of Christ.

Leadership and Vision Casting

As an elder-led congregation, we seek a Lead Pastor comfortable and committed to leading a church with a plurality of elders who lead through consensus building. As the Lead Pastor he will be responsible for leading in developing the vision for the body of The Hills Church that aligns with our mission to “glorify God through transformed lives” and with our key actions to “Know God. Love Others. Live the Gospel.”


The Lead Pastor will have primary responsibility for leading our weekly Sunday worship services. He should lead the congregation to see and savor God in all our worship including in singing, preaching, and prayer. The worship service should be centered on Christ and the Word of God. The Lead Pastor should faithfully feed the flock the Word of God as a text-driven expositor of the Bible. In all our worship we seek a Lead Pastor who will lead our worship in such a way that we have a proper understanding in our minds about God and longing in our hearts for God.

Staff Management and Team Building

The Lead Pastor will have responsibility for the overall guidance and team building of the staff of The Hills Church. He will have input into the hiring/firing and compensation of the staff, but final decisions on these matters will have to be agreed upon by the Pastoral Team (a.k.a. Elder Team or elders) and coordinated with the personnel committee.

Decision Making

His decision making will be driven first by a commitment to Christ and the Word of God and will communicate it seasoned with grace. He must be willing to set aside his own personal desires and agenda in order to maintain the unity of the body of Christ.

Personal Character and Godliness

As a follower of Christ, the Lead Pastor should be defined by a mature and proven relationship with Christ, one who exemplifies the character of Christ through his own personal walk with Christ including a strong commitment to and practice of personal Bible study and prayer. Core to this is a deep humility in his own life recognizing the depth of his own sinfulness and his own need for Christ.
He should evidence a continual and proven commitment to growing in Christ as shown by his practice of spiritual habits such as personal Bible reading/study and prayer as well as his bearing of spiritual fruit.


In the life of his family, the Lead Pastor should model what it means to shepherd his own family well. His wife and children should hold him in high esteem. His commitment to holiness in his physical relationships should be above reproach. If married, his faithfulness to his wife should be unquestioned. If he has children, their testimony should be that their father is a man of godliness who parents through grace and points his children to Christ and, thus, commands the respect and commitment of his children to his leadership.

Experience and Education

The Lead Pastor should have a minimum of 5 years experience in leadership positions within ministry and a master's degree (MDiv or ThM preferred; MA degree in a theological/biblical area of study is acceptable) or 10 years in leadership positions within ministry and a bachelor's degree in a theological/biblical area of study. He should have a proven record in discipling others, equipping others for service, and managing financial responsibilities well.