The Hills Church : Glorifying God through Transformed Lives

What is the Gospel?

At the heart of what we believe at The Hills Church is the gospel. We speak of it constantly and seek to live it out in our lives in such a way as to display it to others.


God created all that is including mankind for His glory. Specifically, man and woman were created in the image of God to display His glory.


Our first parents, Adam and Eve, rebelled against God bringing sin to the human race. Each one of us is born as sinners and repeats this same sinful rebellion against God in our lives. Because we are sinners by nature and practice, we are the enemy of God and under His wrath. Thus, we need someone to save us from God's wrath and restore us into proper relationship with Him.


The only person who has ever lived capable of restoring our relationship to God is Jesus Christ. Jesus was able to do this because he became God in human flesh, fully God and fully man.  He lived a sinless life making Him uniquely qualified to be the sinless sacrifice required to satisfy God's wrath and restore our relationship with God. But in order to be restored to our relationship with God, each person must place their faith alone in Christ alone for their salvation from God's wrath and sins consequences.


When a person places their faith in Christ, they have been born again. This means that God has given them a new nature that sees God's glory and desires to live for God. Thus, out of a response of love we seek to obey the commands of our Lord and grow more and more like Him.


We will never fully overcome sin in this world. But we know the gospel teaches that the day will come in which sin and death will be no more. We live now with the confident and assured hope that Jesus Christ will return a second time and consummate the work began in His first coming. He will judge all people. Those who have not placed their faith in Him will face eternal condemnation to hell. Those who have placed their faith in Him will enter into eternal joy of living forever with God.

How are we to respond to the Gospel?

Our response to the gospel is to embrace Christ in faith. This means we put our trust in Him and His work.