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Honduras Missions

The Hills Church directly supports missions in Honduras through both our giving, prayers, and missions trips. We believe it is important to be active participants in taking the gospel to the remotest parts of the earth.

In Honduras we partner with Los Obreros Cristianos to serve in medical missions and training pastors.
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Asociación Evangélica Los Obreros Cristianos

As part of our call to missions to take the gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth, The Hills Church partners with Los Obreros Cristianos to take the gospel to some of the most remote places in Honduras.

Los Obreros Cristianos ("The Christian Workers") is a group of Christian medical workers and support staff that works with pastors and communities in remote parts of Honduras, especially in the areas of La Joya and Montaña de La Flor. Using medical missions, Los Obreros Cristianos is able to share the gospel and partner with local churches to help train pastors in these remote areas of Honduras. One of the specific people groups that Los Obreros Cristianos is able to minister to and reach with the gospel are the Tolupan people, an indigenous ethnic group in Honduras that live generally in the north central area of Honduras including the area of Montaña de La Flor. (You can read more on the Tolupan people on the PeopleGroups website.

To learn more about Los Obreros Cristians, visit their Facebook page.

La Joya

Los Obreros Cristianos work from the La Joya camp located 129 kms (80 miles) from the capital Tegucigalpa where the workers live.
To get to La Joya, it takes 3-4 hours (depending on weather and driving conditions) much of which is over dirt roads.